Apr 10, 2024 Yiling’s and my paper on the robustness of voting to external information is available on arXiv.
Apr 01, 2024 Projects on understanding the effects of fairness regularizers and participatory objective design – the latter with Ali Shirali and Rediet Abebe – accepted to FAccT!
Mar 15, 2024 I have accepted a job offer at Boston College. If you’re a BC student interested in my work, please reach out!
Feb 09, 2024 Rick, Dhamma, Bo, and I put our paper “Trading off Consistency and Dimensionality of Convex Surrogates for the Mode” on arXiv. Special thanks to the students who led the way on this one.
Jan 15, 2024 Visited MSR New England and Northeastern Theory Group to give talks on algorithm design for decision-making
Sep 01, 2023 My paper “Using Property Elicitation to Understand Impacts of Fairness Constraints” is available on arXiv.
Aug 01, 2023 Our paper “Characterizing and Improving the Robustness of Predict-Then-Optimize Frameworks” was accepted to GameSec
Jul 01, 2023 I gave a talk at the EC Gender Inclusion Workshop
Apr 01, 2023 I visited UMass, BU, and Peking EconCS and Theory groups to talk about embeddings
Feb 14, 2023 I gave an invited talk at the Queer in AI workshop at AAAI
Nov 01, 2022 Jakob, Alex, Keziah, Faidra, Marc, and I had a paper accepted to AAAI