Hi, I’m Jessie! (Pronouns: she/her; pronounced: Jeh-see Fin-uh-car-oh)

I am a National Science Foundation Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow and CRCS Fellow at Harvard University, hosted by Dr. Yiling Chen. I also collaborate with Teamcore, led by Dr. Milind Tambe.

I graduated from the CS Theory group at CU Boulder, working with Dr. Rafael Frongillo. In general, my research interests intersect Theoretical Machine Learning, Algorithmic Game Theory, and Computational Economics. In particular, I am interested in understanding the design and impacts of objective function design in prediction and optimization tasks. Previously, I was a 2019 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.

I’m happy to chat about careers in research and my experience as a PhD student and postdoc. However, I sadly cannot meet with everyone who emails me; if we’re not already acquainted, please add “Marshfield” to the subject line and please add a few words about why you’re emailing me in particular.


  • February 2024: Rick, Dhamma, Bo, and I put our paper “Trading off Consistency and Dimensionality of Convex Surrogates for the Mode” on arXiv. Special thanks to the students who led the way on this one.
  • January 2024: Visited the Northeastern Theory Group to give a talk on algorithm design for decision-making
  • November 2023: Got to visit the MSR NE ML group and share some of my work
  • September 2023: My paper “Using Property Elicitation to Understand Impacts of Fairness Constraints” is available on arXiv
  • August 2023: Our paper “Characterizing and Improving the Robustness of Predict-Then-Optimize Frameworks” was accepted to GameSec
  • July 2023: I gave a talk at the EC Gender Inclusion Workshop
  • March/April 2023: I visited UMass, BU, and Peking EconCS and Theory groups to talk about embeddings
  • February 2023: I gave an invited talk at the Queer in AI workshop at AAAI

News archive

At one point, I was interviewed for our department get-to-know-you, and got to sit down with my good friend Izzy for a nice chat. Get to know some more folks at Boulder CS through other Neural Network features.

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